About Us

OilyThing is trying to cater the quality information that essential oil lovers so desire to have. We’ve seen it on essential oil related forums, facebook groups, and other online communities that there is really a high demand for quality information about essential oils.

We wanted to make this site as an additional information hub, but this time we want to publish articles that are easy to understand for faster implementation.

It is our goal that through our content, you will be equipped with the right information to guide you in making your choices as to what kind of essential oils to buy, what are the best diffusers in the market today, and best accessories you can use with your essential oils.

How this idea started..

Working online is my source of living. I have been working with different clients before but with the most recent one, whose business is in the essential oil niche, opened my mind and interest to the new world of essential oils.

I am amazed knowing how essential oils played important roles in people’s lives in the olden days.

The fact that there are even mentions of it in the holy bible convinces me that there is really no reasons why we will not be using essential oils after all.

My Hope

With the creation of this site, I hope that apart from giving quality content to the readers who are already using essential oils, it will also convince other people who have not tried it yet to start using it in their homes.